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Facebook 'Likes' really do matter in searchFacebook offers businesses of all sizes an excellent platform for communication with customers. By creating a page, businesses can engage directly with existing buyers or users of its services, allowing them to carry the message out to a wider circle of their own ‘friends’, thereby acting as brand advocates (surely the best type of marketing).

The Facebook platform also allows (and actively encourages) pages to include applications that make the experience more immersive and involving for users, so that engagement can continue on Facebook rather than jumping off to the brand’s own website. this has some great advantages but needs to be tied in with a business’ social media strategy.

They are immensely customisable, with lots of opportunity for brand expression using a cover photo and photo albums, as well as integrating third party apps to engage with audiences of all sorts. The options are too varied to be fully covered here, but one of my workshops can help to demystify the marketing potential of Facebook pages.

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