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Social MediaSocial Media increases the visibility of an organisation through its relationship with its customers, both existing and new. Understanding how to harness Social Media to your advantage is essential to be able to market your organisation effectively using the appropriate networks.

Just as every business needs to understand that they don’t control Social Media, an organisation can’t force its ideals on people talking about them either. You need to consider why those people are interacting with a brand through social networks.

Organisations must understand the difference between Social Media that they own and social networks that they don’t. Businesses certainly don’t own what other people are saying on their Twitter accounts or their Facebook pages, and other networking tools.

I can help to identify the opportunities for engagement, the best strategies for using those networks and empowering individuals to manage their Social Media effectively.

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I also run regular public or private Social Media seminars for groups as a way of introducing some of the concepts behind engaging with communities.

Please get in touch to find out the date of the next public seminar.

I offer Social Media workshops customised to an organisation’s needs, empowering the individuals within an organisation to manage their own Social Media more effectively. Social Media boardroom briefings can assist senior executives in understanding the key concepts behind social media and how it can enable community engagement. Call for a confidential chat about your requirements on 07836 689881

Learn more about Social Media Seminars and Workshops (PDF)

Client Testimonials

Hugo combined a really extensive knowledge with enthusiasm and the ability to explain things clearly to deliver an excellent session on social media. Very, very helpful indeed. (Will Barton, West Oxon District Council)

I really enjoyed the training and was glad that you were able to tailor it to all levels for the class. (Concerto Group)

Thanks for this afternoon’s social media briefing – very helpful and insightful. (Sea Web Charity)

Thank you for your presentation, it was very informative, and very well presented. (Dawn McNulty, Primetimers social enterprise)

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