Social Media Marketing

Facebook Ads
Facebook Ads can be a powerful marketing tool for Facebook pages and your website

Like Search Engine Marketing, Social Media Marketing involves managing clients’ online advertising budgets to maximise their reach. However the difference here is that advertisers can reach a more targeted audience, since Social Media networks such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn already have significant demographic information about its users, thereby giving advertisers the opportunity to get down to a granular level of the social networks’ audience.

On Facebook, advertisers can attract an audience to either their Facebook Pages, or their own website. That potential audience can be drawn from the worldwide pool of Facebook users, selectable by their location, age and interests (and more). Daily budgets can be set and adjusted at any time and a variety of ads can be used. the response rate is generally lower than Search Engine Marketing, but as part of a wider campaign for online visibility it has enormous value. Remarketing services are especially useful in attracting qualified leads back to a website.

Twitter ads
Engage direct with consumers using Twitter Ads

Twitter has a growing active user base of more than 230 million, with an average of 500 million tweets posted every day. Over 60% of Twitter users login via their mobile devices.

Twitter offers cost-per-click, display, and social media ads, allowing you to grow your business, building direct relationships with engaged consumers.

Ad budgets can be controlled to deliver at peak times daily, weekly, monthly or seasonally depending on the message and the marketing objectives.

LinkedIn Ads
LinkedIn Ads can help drive new customers to your web properties

LinkedIn‘s advertising programme of course targets a more business oriented audience, with accurate control over those who will be shown the ad; by job roles, industry & company size, seniority, age and those groups on LinkedIn to which members belong for instance. Again, budget is controllable on a daily basis and multiple campaigns can be setup to target different demographics, industry sectors and individuals. Click Through Rates (CTR) are often better than equivalent campaigns in Facebook, but the ad is the key – copywriting a good ad is an art in itself.

Leveraging the power of Google AdWords, YouTube can also be used as an effective advertising platform, offering the same service but placing ads alongside or even within videos themselves.

Keeping on top of these ever-changing programmes is essential in ensuring that the services offered to clients are effective and their budgets are spent wisely. Regular training seminars are all part of that ongoing knowledge management.

Find out how your marketing budget can be applied to Social Media Marketing by getting in touch.

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