13 Jan

Greeting Cards from Archivist – new website

Click here to visit Archivist's website

Archivist gallery has just launched a whole new range of greeting cards on their new website, showing loads of new designs and an online ordering system so retail and trade orders can be placed online.

They have designs from the Natural History Museum, including a new range of ‘Wild Cards’ with an interesting new fun take on the age old designs from London’s pre-eminent museum. They also have designed some interesting cutout cards using designs from the Victoria & Albert (V&A) Museum in London, as well as loads of new greeting card designs of their own.

Personally I like the Saturn Press ‘Well Said’ cards series, which are good clean fun.

29 Feb

Design vs. Development

Why is it that designers think they should be developers and developers feel the need to design? It’s difficult enough trying to find suitably qualified practioners in either field without each having pretentions of being something other than what they really are.

While trying to locate Oxford-based freelance designers, I have been frustrated by the number of respondents who tell me about their development skills. If I wanted developers I would have asked for them, so why does everyone want to do everything?

Perhaps I should follow suit and add rocket scientist to my CV. Surely it can’t do any harm!