01 Sep

No Fourth Plinth selection (again)

Oh well, it seems I am not destined to get a place on the Fourth Plinth in Trafalgare square – the September selections have been made and I diodn’t get my calling-up papers. Although democratic and fair, it’s a shame that my application (in the first minute of the application process being open) didn’t succeed, but then that’s the point of the public nature of the art in Antony Gormley’s democratisation of a space originally reserved for heroes.

07 Oct

Don’t Forget to Ask

In these days of search dominance by Google, it’s easy to forget the old-timer search engines like Ask.com, which has just launched a makeover and a more appealling homepage & interface. Originally my favourite search engine as all the returned search results seemed to be the sort of results I was expecting, until I discovered that they had around 100 editors scouring the web for similar searches and proposing the best results! They then changed to a much better system and since have been active but not vocal, so they have tended to be forgotten.

However I think I like Ask.com again now that they have launched their user-generated backgrounds and a more intuitive interface. Long live the small guy!

02 Sep

iPhone 3G – not just a pretty face

Okay, so cut all the hype and is the iPhone all it’s cracked up to be? Well, yes it is actually, at least as far as I am concerned.

Using push email and a Hosted Exchange service from Cobweb, the service is now a direct Blackberry rival and I for one, prefer the visual approach of a Mac-based interface over the functional approach of RIM.

Add all the really useful connected functions like Maps, Safari browser and the App Store and it really would seem you cannot beat it.

However, and this is a biggie, the battery life is abysmal. Leave the device on with push email and Wifi switched on and you definitely won’t get through a whole day without a recharge, if you make a few calls. It’s not good enough Apple!

Having said that, it’s still the most coveted gadget on the planet.

10 Jun

Alderney Elizabethan shipwreck back on schedule

Following the tragic death of one of the divers on the Elizabethan shipwreck off Alderney in the Channel Islands, the diving has recommenced now that the licence has been reinstated for the project.

The Cdt Fourcault, out of Antwerp, will join the dive team and aims to recover two sunken cannon for conservation and subsequent replication and firing later this year.

Find out more at www.alderneywreck.com