Updated Keyboard Shortcuts Wallcharts

I recently updated my infamous ‘Windows Keyboard Shortcuts’ (as originally blogged back in 2006 here), so here is the updated version: Windows keyboard shortcuts (PDF 48KB) But what about Mac users? Okay, here’s a new version for all the Mac lovers out there (me too). Mac keyboard shortcuts (PDF 98KB) Feel free to download and […]

NGA Broadband – Tackling the backhaul question

As I couldn’t read this whole story on Point Topic today, even though it was sent within their excellent newsletter, I am reprinting it here for others that haven’t seen this article on the costs of middle mile services (referred to here as backhaul). If you do subscribe to Point Topic you can access the […]

10 Billion App Store downloads!

It might seem incredible but Apple will shortly announce the 10 billionth app download since they started the service in 2008. They are offering a $10,000 iTunes Gift Card to the user who downloads the ten billionth app, demonstrating just how successful the service has been in that short time. Apple allows 70% of revenues […]

Facebook still top social media traffic source

Facebook continues to refer the most social media traffic to websites, according to data from web analytics company StatCounter. Although the monthly figures show an odd trend downward for three months, clearly things have picked up again in Facebook’s favour, at the expense of other social networks. StumbleUpon has lost ground recently, but this trend […]

QR codes now on Google Places

The recently rechristened Google Local as Google Places now offers customised QR codes for users. Once scanned by a customers’ smartphone, the code takes them to your own ‘place’ page in their mobile browser; QR codes can be used on business cards and other marketing materials. Apparently in the USA Google is sending out 50,000 […]

Google Buzz settles in as a major player

Following the initial flurry of criticism (I would hardly call it a storm as other commentators have done) for Google Buzz, the search giant’s social network offering, the service has been running for nearly two weeks and tens of millions of users have tried it and continue to post thousands of posts and comments every […]

TV starts to see social media in a new light

Elisabeth Murdoch gets social media. At least so she told TV producers and distributors on January 27th at the annual NATPE convention in Las Vegas. Rather than shying away from social media as has been the case for so long with many TV broadcasters (and production companies such as Shine TV to a lesser extent), Murdoch’s […]