The Great Net Neutrality Debate

Net Neutrality is one of those ‘on-topic’ subjects that has swung into focus recently and has caught people’s imaginations. It’s not surprising really as it’s something that threatens to change the way in which we are all able to access content on the Internet, so you could say it’s important! Having watched the oddly compelling […]

New Instagram Features Make it a Must-Have For Brands

As a mobile-only social media platform, the Instagram experience has always been fun but has had an ineloquent marketing voice. That is until Facebook bought the service earlier this year for $1Bn and now they have added greater integration across the two platforms, meaning marketers can really start to use Instagram effectively.  The new Photo […]

Facebook Pages and Profiles – What are the Differences?

Like every other social media consultant I get asked this one the whole time, so what are the differences and should you care? Let’s answer that with a question: What exactly is your brand using Facebook for? Generally the answer would be to market that brand’s products or services, for which the most desirable function is reach […]

Lessons learned from Kony 2012

The recent viral documentary campaign to raise awareness for the charity Invisible Children about the activities of Joseph Kony and the Lords’s Resistance Army was universally received as a brilliant piece of film-making and a significant propaganda statement (if you haven’t seen it you should make yourself a cup of coffee and then click the […]

Magic Bus UK roars away

A new website for Magic Bus UK was launched on 5th March 2012 in conjunction with charity fundraising agency partner John Grain Associates. Featuring a multi-level CMS and a fun, engaging design, the site is designed to be easy to manage by the charity and simple to navigate by their supporters, fundraisers and donors. With […]

Facebook Timeline for Brands

Since Facebook for brands was launched this week (in preview prior to switching them live on March 30th), I have been trialling the service for a number of clients. Here are my observations so far: Firstly it is a huge aesthetic enhancement to brands’ most potentially engaging social media platform. Existing content created at 520 […]

Latest Effective Social Media seminar

If you aren’t already actively engaging with more than 800 million Social Media users then you should attend my next two-hour ‘Effective Social Media’ seminar and learn how you can leverage LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and other social networks for your business, organisation or charity. The seminar aims to give attendees a solid foundation in […]