The Great Net Neutrality Debate

Net Neutrality is one of those ‘on-topic’ subjects that has swung into focus recently and has caught people’s imaginations. It’s not surprising really as it’s something that threatens to change the way in which we are all able to access content on the Internet, so you could say it’s important! Having watched the oddly compelling […]

Crowdfunding and social media

Through Cotswolds Broadband I have been looking at crowdfunding as a means of raising a significant proportion of the initial capital required to operate a new rural broadband investment fund. When you are talking about generating upwards of £5 million overall, it’s important to get it right, otherwise the business could struggle. So we are […]

Facebook Pages and Profiles – What are the Differences?

Like every other social media consultant I get asked this one the whole time, so what are the differences and should you care? Let’s answer that with a question: What exactly is your brand using Facebook for? Generally the answer would be to market that brand’s products or services, for which the most desirable function is reach […]

Magic Bus UK roars away

A new website for Magic Bus UK was launched on 5th March 2012 in conjunction with charity fundraising agency partner John Grain Associates. Featuring a multi-level CMS and a fun, engaging design, the site is designed to be easy to manage by the charity and simple to navigate by their supporters, fundraisers and donors. With […]

Latest Effective Social Media seminar

If you aren’t already actively engaging with more than 800 million Social Media users then you should attend my next two-hour ‘Effective Social Media’ seminar and learn how you can leverage LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and other social networks for your business, organisation or charity. The seminar aims to give attendees a solid foundation in […]

Updated Keyboard Shortcuts Wallcharts

I recently updated my infamous ‘Windows Keyboard Shortcuts’ (as originally blogged back in 2006 here), so here is the updated version: Windows keyboard shortcuts (PDF 48KB) But what about Mac users? Okay, here’s a new version for all the Mac lovers out there (me too). Mac keyboard shortcuts (PDF 98KB) Feel free to download and […]

New website for Cleenol

Industrial cleaning and hygiene products manufacturer Cleenol approached us in early 2011, requiring a new website, since their existing one was getting very long in the tooth. Following a six-way competitive tender for the business, we were awarded the contract to create an online product database and catalogue, together with customer tools aimed at improving […]

Search Engine Submission Scam

It appears another variation on the domain registration scam and the Domain Registry of America scam, that I have previously discussed in this blog, is appearing via email to domain owners. In this version, an official-looking email informs the domain registrant that they need to register in order to be found in search engines. Of course […]