Cotswolds Broadband – Case study

Cotswolds BroadbandOkay, so this has been my own pet project here in West Oxfordshire, but the requirement for Cotswolds Broadband is the same as any other client project, where visibility has been developed across multiple channels and a database of potential customers created as a start point for the Internet Service Providers that will eventually connect customers to the Internet.

Developing the project since 2011 allowed the company to learn a lot from the live events, direct marketing, on-street research and customer interaction that has been carried out. With a target audience of some 6,000 homes and businesses, Cotswolds Broadband was able to reach around a quarter of the premises that will be served with superfast broadband, via its marketing activities. Working with West Oxfordshire District Council, who were investors in the project, provided access to parish clerks and chairs, allowing us to present the proposition for cascading down to residents across the district.

With a capital investment requirement of £6.4m, raising the investment for this project involved developing the model, working up the investment proposition and procuring a delivery partner, but with the added component of public funding, the task has been considerably harder and longer, ultimately taking almost five years to come to fruition. Unfortunately the company that ultimately took on the business to deliver the contract were unable to complete the project, so it has been handed to the District Council to re-procure in 2017.