10 Jun

New Facebook Messages

On logging into Facebook in the past few days you may have been confronted by the appearance of the new Facebook Messages functions. But what do these changes mean for you?

Facebook MessagesThe idea is to collect all your messages together in one place, so that chats and texts all appear in the same place.

You can now use an optional Facebook email address (e.g. mine is hugopick@facebook.com) and control who can send you messages through your privacy settings. You can see the full conversation history with each friend as a single conversation in one place, which makes it easier to track what you said and when, and with whom.

You can also priorise messages from your friends, as messages from unknown senders go into a folder called Other. Spam is automatically removed for you as well.

Facebook have been quietly talking about email for some time and this is clearly the first stage in their plans to include email in their long term strategy.