29 Sep

Facebook ‘Likes’ now even more important

Facebook 'Likes' really do matter in searchI was asked last week during a social media seminar about the importance of Facebook ‘Likes’ and why I place so much emphasis on encouraging clients to garner popularity for their posts. Well, here’s the answer: Facebook has just announced some recent updates to the platform that include ‘Liked’ articles appearing in search results:

Consistent with how we treat other Open Graph object types, we’ve introduced the ability to see articles shared by your friends in the search typeahead. For instance, if your friend clicks ‘Like’ on an article at a news site, the article will appear in your News Feed and can now also surface in the search type ahead.

This means that content that shows up in Facebook searches will be biased towards those items with more ‘Likes’ than others. So, what does this mean for brands? Well, clearly the more valuable your content to your readers, the more likelihood of ‘Likes’ and thereby featuring in search results and greater visibility.

This is just the start of course: consider the implications of search results in a wider context and you are starting to get the picture. To discuss further in relation to your brand, please do get in touch.

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