12 Apr

Send sensitive information securely

Secure data

Secure your sensitive information

When you want to send sensitive information to a colleague, friend or family member, do you trust it to email? ¬†When you want to send a password to someone that couldn’t hear it over the phone, do you embed it in a document and hope that nobody will find it?

If you value the security of data you send to others, make sure you send it securely Рemail is actually not a secure medium, so never trust passwords to it.  Protected Word documents can be easily opened as I recently found out when I forgot the password to an old file, but was easily able to open it using an online service.

Try Encryptedtransfer.com to secure any piece of information, whether it’s a username and password or a confidential piece of data, or even the latest share information for your company results – anything you want to be kept private will remain that way. And the best thing about it – IT’S FREE!

I use it for password distribution with clients – if you have a nifty use for the service, please comment below.

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