29 Apr

Facebook still top social media traffic source

Facebook continues to refer the most social media traffic to websites, according to data from web analytics company StatCounter. Although the monthly figures show an odd trend downward for three months, clearly things have picked up again in Facebook’s favour, at the expense of other social networks. StumbleUpon has lost ground recently, but this trend is also reflected elsewhere than just here in the UK, where the service is generally not so well used.

Twitter shows a strong overall trend, apparently referring about 10% of all traffic from social networks.

Top 7 social media sites in the UK

Facebook dominates the social media sites referring traffic to websites

If any conclusion can be drawn from these statistics, it is that Facebook page updates continue to rise in importance since Google started to index them, underlining their importance in a corporate social presence.

29 Apr

QR codes now on Google Places

The recently rechristened Google Local as Google Places now offers customised QR codes for users. Once scanned by a customers’ smartphone, the code takes them to your own ‘place’ page in their mobile browser; QR codes can be used on business cards and other marketing materials.

QR Code for hugopickering.com

Capture this QR code to see this page in a mobile browser

Apparently in the USA Google is sending out 50,000 windows stickers to businesses with ‘their’ QR codes on, allowing users to quickly access websites, hopefully optimised for mobile usage. Try the QR code on the right to see what this page looks like when optimised for mobile use.

As a long time advocate of QR codes I am glad to see that they are being pushed by Google – they are one of the most effective ways of attracting and gaining user attention and  driving them to interact with brands, products and services. In Japan (where the QR code was invented) they are used everywhere, but they have taken sometime to catch on in the West – this is a shot in the arm for linking the offline world with the online world.

If you would like to know more about QR codes and how they could benefit your organisation, please get in touch and I would be happy to discuss how they can fit into your digital strategy.

12 Apr

Send sensitive information securely

Secure data

Secure your sensitive information

When you want to send sensitive information to a colleague, friend or family member, do you trust it to email?  When you want to send a password to someone that couldn’t hear it over the phone, do you embed it in a document and hope that nobody will find it?

If you value the security of data you send to others, make sure you send it securely – email is actually not a secure medium, so never trust passwords to it.  Protected Word documents can be easily opened as I recently found out when I forgot the password to an old file, but was easily able to open it using an online service.

Try Encryptedtransfer.com to secure any piece of information, whether it’s a username and password or a confidential piece of data, or even the latest share information for your company results – anything you want to be kept private will remain that way. And the best thing about it – IT’S FREE!

I use it for password distribution with clients – if you have a nifty use for the service, please comment below.