31 Jan

TV starts to see social media in a new light

Elisabeth Murdoch gets social media. At least so she told TV producers and distributors on January 27th at the annual NATPE convention in Las Vegas. Rather than shying away from social media as has been the case for so long with many TV broadcasters (and production companies such as Shine TV to a lesser extent), Murdoch’s production company is clearly keen to embrace social media as a key part of its audience attraction and retention.

The goal is to form enduring connections with our fans and create new and magnetic social media experiences…Social networks are finally the interactive dimension of storytelling

The opportunities afforded by social media, when executed with experience and understanding, are evident in any number of sectors, but media is still hung up about piracy and therefore nervous to implement it. But Murdoch understands the power of the social:

Fans remain the best salesmen of our content, even if that behaviour is on the borderline of piracy

Read the original story on Broadcasting & Cable.

31 Jan

Social Search on Google

An interesting new feature on google.com shows more personal search results with relevant content from your online friends and contacts. Although Facebook friends won’t show up (yet), the Google Social Search service aims to add links to their information posted as images and/or articles. The official Google Blog explains it fully, but the following video gives a simpler overview of what it’s all about.

There is a lot of noise about the privacy implications of all this, but it’s really all about connections to find information you can already find, so this, in my opinion is just shortening the distance taken to find it. It is in its infancy now, so expect this to be a growing trend for Google and search in general.

Filling in your Google Profile is really all that is required to get the most out of Social Search.

22 Jan

Geolocation tools

I was asked yesterday about geolocation tools and how I go about getting a longitude and latitude for a postcode. Easy I said – just go to Google Maps and search for the postcode. Then click on the RSS icon to display the coordinates.

Google Map

My Location for Google Maps - see the blue dot?

However, since July 2009 Google Maps have provided one better than this – Google’s ‘My Location for Google Maps’.  This is really quite clever, although not always entirely accurate.  It tries to emulate the ‘My Location’ feature in Google Maps for Mobile (you know, the blue dot showing where you are on an iPhone/Android device etc). It looks for a Wi-Fi location or your current IP address and then tries to locate you. Sometimes it’s pretty accurate, but sometimes you can’t see yourself on the map at all. You will need to confirm that you are happy for Google to use your location on its maps, but the information is anonymous.

You can read more about it on Google’s own maps blog.

13 Jan

Greeting Cards from Archivist – new website

Click here to visit Archivist's website

Archivist gallery has just launched a whole new range of greeting cards on their new website, showing loads of new designs and an online ordering system so retail and trade orders can be placed online.

They have designs from the Natural History Museum, including a new range of ‘Wild Cards’ with an interesting new fun take on the age old designs from London’s pre-eminent museum. They also have designed some interesting cutout cards using designs from the Victoria & Albert (V&A) Museum in London, as well as loads of new greeting card designs of their own.

Personally I like the Saturn Press ‘Well Said’ cards series, which are good clean fun.