07 Oct

Domain registration scam

Don’t be fooled by emails from abroad asking to register domains incorporating ‘your’ keywords – it’s an old scamming trick whereby the perpetrator makes out that they have been approached by a third party seeking to register domains incorporating a company name, and then they will seek to charge inflated prices and most likely skim your credit card details as well.

The email looks generally like the following, although I have substituted where appropriate:

From: michael.hexel
To: Yourname
Sent: Tue Oct 06 16:03:14 2009
Subject: yourdomain notice
Dear yourdomain
We are a domain name registration center in Hong Kong, mainly dealing with domain name registration and internet intellectual property rights protection. On Oct 05,2009 we received a formal application from a company who is applying to register several domains, using “yourdomain ”as the keyword. After investigation,we find that you are the original user of the keyword. Such similar domain cases may involve your trademark and company name,and may cause website confusion and conflicts. For a responsible attitude, we inform you here and ask for your opinion. If you don’t mind,we will finish registration for the third company.
Michael hexel
Tel:+852 31757930(ext.8014)
Fax:+852 31757932
Website: www.hk-net.hk