20 Jun

Create memorable, unique passwords for each website you visit

Here’s a great way to ensure that you create unique and secure passwords for every website you visit, while remembering each one.

Simply select two or more characters on your keyboard (I prefer to use symbols such as ! and £), and use those as the start of your password. Then type the name of the website (for www.amazon.co.uk use amazon) and then select two or more further symbols or characters to end the password (such as $ and %). All you need remember for the future are the characters you selected (but please don’t use my example!)

As an example, logging into www.amazon.co.uk with the example above you would use “£amazon$%

For www.twitter.co.uk it could be “£$twitter$*%

Simple, but really effective!
06 Jun

Trafalgar Square Fourth Plinth Blog

Having not been selected for July in the Anthony Gormley Fourth Plinth event (which is a shame but then there are two more selections to go), One and Other have asked me to blog about the event. I have a number of articles in mind about the nature of public contribution in art and how the event is to be recorded for posterity, so keep an eye out for tweets and blog post updates.

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