03 Apr

BT wi-fi rip-off!

I cannot believe that BT can even hope to justify the extorionate prices that they are charging for their wireless access hotspot service ‘BT Openzone’. I discovered it the other day on Paddington Station in London and decided to try it – until I found out the pricing! Short term access to the service is £6, £10 or £40 for 1 hour, 24 hour or 30 day vouchers respectively.

Luckily for BT Broadband customers, they can get a monthly subscription for £5, although with such a discrepancy in charging, I cannot see who would sign up for a monthly voucher at eight times the cost!

Thankfully there are alternatives at most rail and air termini, such as ReadytoSurf, which has recently been taken over by Spectrum Interactive, so it will probably follow suit with increased charging.