Stretcher Bars now available has now been launched, supplying framing stretcher bars (stretcher strips) for artists and digital canvas printers.

As the UK importer for these stretchers, the pricing is very competitive, with a range of profiles to suit all needs:

  • ‘Standard 35’ – 35mm x 18mm light duty stretcher
  • ‘Classic 45’ – 45mm x 18mm medium duty stretcher
  • ‘Classic 65’ – 65mm x 18mm medium duty stretcher
  • ‘Classic 25-65’ – 65mm x 25mm medium duty stretcher
  • ‘Museum 45’ – 45mm x 45mm heavy duty stretcher (requires cross braces over 1500mm)
  • ‘Museum 65’ – 45mm x 65mm heavy duty stretcher (cross braces recommended over 1500mm)
  • ‘Museum 95’ – 95mm x 40mm extra heavy duty stretcher for very large canvasses (cross braces recommended over 1500mm)

All dimensions are quoted with the width first followed by the depth. Cross braces can be provided for all sizes (where mentioned above), but due to the substantial nature of these stretchers, they are not generally necessary on sizes below 1500mm. All profiles are available in 5cm increments from 30cm upwards, although 10 cm increments are carried as stock items. Large custom sizes are accommodated on special order only.

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