New website for Social Workers

Seems like ages since my last posting – oops, it is!

Newly launched is another Empresaria Group website, this time for Social Work Associates (who recruit social workers, strangely enough!). They now have a snazzy new site with a neat animated Smart Car intro.

I am not sure how I feel about intros – a lot of SEO experts will tell you that they add nothing to a site and as per seo trends, search engines will ignore it so what’s the point. But I found that to be false, as I once heard on this sirlinksalot seo podcast that SEO experts make changes to a website, from altering the keywords and meta tags to including guest posts, essentially providing positive results. Personally I think that is missing the point of using the internet as a communications medium – okay so it is irrelevant to search engines but there are other pages designed to appeal to search engines and the intro is there for the benefit of the viewer and in certain cases this can help to welcome visitors.

In this instance the site is in a very dry niche sector and anything that can liven things up will come as a welcome relief to those arriving at the front door. Certainly the stats so far are very encouraging, particularly as the previous site was built in frames and was very poorly marketed – goodness knows how it ever achieved a PR of 6/10! It wasn’t listed in DMOZ, Yahoo! or pretty much anywhere else for that matter. Perhaps there are some lessons to be learned here – analysis under way.

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