31 Aug

Oxfordshire Rural Broadband ensure continuity of service

ORB’s commitment to the local community is certainly not in doubt as they proved over the weekend following an outage of the main router at the network hub in Milton Co-op. Unfortunately this happened over the Bank Holiday weekend and therefore nobody was available to restart the device.

This situation will not happen once ORB are established at Upper Rissington, where they are to provide broadband services for Country & Metropolitan’s tenants at Pirrington Business Park http://www.rissingtonbusinesspark.com/

A new appointment to the ORB board will soon see an end to the perceived lack of communication from the two directors that are committed to the project, and should allow a better standard of communication with existing and new customers.

27 Aug

New GP Practice sites online

As mentioned in another post, the GP website business is attracting new sites, with White Rose Medical Centre now live (albeit light on information at present!). Many more to come!

This is an exciting new development and doctors’ surgeriess are starting to see the benefits of a properly developed website that contributes to their GMS Contract terms, which focuses on ‘Quality Points’. Part of this process requires that the practice communicates effectively with patients – a website being the most effective way of doing so.

Thus any spend on a website may actually provide additional income for the practice, negating the cost of the site at the end of the day!