Digital Marketing Strategies

Hugo PickeringA digital marketing strategy, as part of any organisation’s marketing communication, is all about defining the services that maximise your available budget by understanding your customers’ requirements, and thereby delivering a clear, focused message to elicit a measurable benefit to your business.

webdesignburn.comA strategic view is essential in defining the most effective means of marketing communication, leading to clearly set objectives and support that delivers maximum benefit.

And that’s exactly what Hugo Pickering can do for you:

  • supported by effective COLLATERAL DEVELOPMENT

social networksSuperb website experiences are just the start of the process – there’s a great deal more that goes into meeting the needs of a client’s digital strategic needs.

As a specialist in Social Media, I help to ensure that organisations stay ahead of their competitors and engage effectively with their customers, clients and suppliers alike, drawing maximum benefit from social networks such as LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram and the myriad other social platforms that can be used to maximise an organisation’s online presence.

As an Online Visibility consultant, I find the most effective ways of maximising a client’s online reach and maintaining it. Using Search Engine Optimisation, I help to ensure that websites achieve maximum visibility, by getting them in front of the greatest number of searches on Google and other search tools. Using Search Engine Marketing I ensure that clients get the greatest visibility in searches through additional paid placement of ads in search tools such as Google. I also help to get the right content in front of users through reputation management, suppressing any damaging references to a brand, business or individual. Find out more about the services provided in Online Visibility.

Please get in touch to discuss how I may be able to assist you as an SME, charity or organisation, to improve your digital strategy.

PLEASE NOTE: I am no longer CEO of Cotswolds Broadband C.I.C.