Oxfordshire Artweeks

Oxfordshire ArtweeksI’m not quite sure how this happened, but somehow I have found myself exhibiting some of my photographic works in Oxfordshire Artweeks 2017. I have never thought my snapping worthy of exhibiting but as I publish regularly on Instagram a couple of friends suggested that I show off some of my work and for some unknown reason I found myself applying in December 2016.

I take pleasure in recording the local wildlife and landscape simply using my phone camera. It’s not just any old phone camera though – I use a Google Pixel, which has possibly the best camera in any smartphone currently on the market. The creativity that can be employed in the camera itself as well as using the various tools to enhance photos makes for quite stunning images.

Do come along between 13th – 21st May (assuming I have got my act together by then) and have a look, and maybe even buy something if images of the beautiful Cotswold countryside appeal to you!

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